Jewelry Connoisseur Sale

For the first time ever, we’re having a special clearance sale on a few of our most exquisite gems and jewelry in our collection. The Connoisseurs Jewely Sale is on now!

Save 50% off

A truly rare gem Classic Rock owner Jeanne Katsuo spotted this gemstone and knew it was special. It is a rare Pink Topaz with an artisan Portuguese cut. A beautiful big gemstone that is 4.18 ct. 

Regular price: $5900 
Sale Price: Now only $2950

 Top Gem Tsavorite

Tsavorite is a rich, green emerald colored garnet that was discovered in Tsavo National Park, Kenya in 1967. It is more brilliant and durable than an emerald, and in demand by collectors and connoisseurs. Topped with three sparkling diamonds and set in white gold, this pendant is timeless in design and truly spectacular.  

Regular price: $5600 
Sale Price: Now only $2800 

Gem of Thrones

With its royal crown of gorgeous green tourmaline, plus white and purple diamonds*, this magnificent 58.40 ct natural amethyst pendant is fit for a queen, a president, a significant other, or the luckiest of all—you. The best part is, now you can own this gem at half price! 

Regular price: $9000
Sale price: Now only $4500

*Purple diamonds have been irradiated to acheive purple color. 

Queen of Atlantis

Like the shimmering seas,, this palatial white quartz sparkles brilliantly with light and color due to its fine precision cut. Featuring a one-of-a-kind custom design, at 83.5 ct, this gemstone is encrusted with amethyst, tsavorite and diamonds. Whomever receives this gift, will truly treasure it. 

Regular price: $5710
Sale price: Now only $2855  

Artisan Engagement Ring Semi-Mount
Lavish your loved one with this 14K white gold engagement ring setting featuring intricate detailing and 0.52 carats of diamonds set into the band. Together you can choose the center stone, whether you want a traditional white diamond or something different such as a sapphire or ruby. The choice is all yours.

Regular price: $4900 
Sale price: Now only $2450