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How to Measure Your Ring Size | Jewelry Tip #1 (Part A)

How to Measure Your Ring Size | Jewelry Tip #1 (Part A)

Ever wonder why your newly sized ring still seems to slip off too easily? Or why it just feels too tight and hard to take off?

Chances are that the ring wasn’t sized appropriately for your finger. So here’s a way to make sure you measure it fits correctly from the very start.

Watch this quick jewelry lesson on ring sizing from Jeanne Katsuro, owner of the Classic Rock Custom & Designer jewelry store in San Jose, CA.

You’ll discover your ideal ring size in no time!

The Gold Definitions of 10k, 14k, 18k and 24k

Here’s how to understand how much gold in your gold!

First, gold that’s 100% pure gold—with no other metals in it—is considered 24 carat gold. Items that are made of pure gold will have a mark that’s written like this:


 When gold is alloyed with other metals, this often changes its “caratage.” Caratage is the measurement of the purity of gold alloyed with other metals. And there are some basic caratage standards.


The higher the number of carats, the higher percentage of gold your jewelry will contain.

To determine the percentage of gold is in each caratage standard, simply divide the number of carats by 24 carats!

10kt = 10kt divided by 24 kt =0.4166 = 41.66% Gold (Au)
14kt = 14kt divided by 24 kt = 0.583 = 58.3% Gold (Au)
18kt = 18kt divided by 24 kt = 0.75 = 75% Gold (Au)
24kt = 24 kt divided by 24kt = 1.00 = 100% Gold (Au)

For those of you who want to know what metals help create different colors of gold jewelry, here are some of the most popular combinations:

White Gold = Gold (AU) with Nickel (NI)
Yellow Gold = Gold (AU) with Combination of Zinc (ZN) and Copper (CU)
Rose Gold = Gold with Copper (CU)
Green Gold = Gold with Zinc (ZN)

Hope you enjoyed this little jewelry lesson. Follow me on my blog for more great jewelry lessons! I’m Gemstone Jeanne, at the Classic Rock Custom & Designer Jewelry Store.

Welcome to the Classic Rock Custom and Designer Jewelry Blog!

Welcome to the Classic Rock Custom and Designer Jewelry Blog!

Hi, I’m Jeanne Katsuro, owner of the Classic Rock Custom & Designer Jewelry store in San Jose, California. If you’re just starting to learn about fine jewelry, diamonds, colored gemstones or pearls, you’ll find our new website a great source for information.

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